Lightroom Plugin

Download FilmShots Lightroom Plugin

Install it

  1. Extract the downloaded archive somewhere convenient

  2. In Lightroom, open the Plugin Manager

  3. Click 'Add' and point it to the extracted filmlog.lrplugin folder

Export JSON file

Export your roll from the app as a JSON file and put it into the folder with your digitised frames. Make sure the file has the same name as the folder

Initiate import

In Lightroom select "Import FilmShots Metadata..." from "Library -> Plugin Extras" menu

Select frames to import

Simply select the FilmShots frame you want to import into each of the digitised frame and click 'OK'.

You can always go back and change the selection.

Write Exif into exported files

When you are ready to export your scans, simply activate the "Write Film Shots Data" action in the Export dialog.

It will automatically execute Exiftool for each exported photo and write the frame metadata as Exif into it